The Best Australian Road Trips

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100For a great holiday you need not look any further than Australia. With such a diverse landscape there are so many things to see and do, and a wide range of accommodation available, with fantastic hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and caravan parks all over the country.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal drives, that runs from Torquay near Geelong all the way along the Bellarine Peninsula to Portland, a total distance of two hundred and forty three kilometres. There are many places to stop off and visit, including the Twelve Apostles, and resort towns such as Lorne and Apollo Bay. There are beautiful beaches and coastal walks as well as breathtaking views of the rugged cliffs.


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School Music Trips to Discover the Traditional Music of Japan

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99One of the clearest lessons learnt on school music trips is how the art and music of a country or region reflect the common characteristics of the people from that area. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Japan, where the music has the same simplicity and closeness to nature that can be found in their art, lifestyle, and even their food.

While the influence of China can be clearly seen in the music, art and literature, the Japanese mark of simplicity is unmistakable. In fact, school music trips to Beijing and Tokyo can show that there are vast similarities in the traditional instruments – the difference in the music that results from these instruments, however, is as vast as the distance between the two countries.



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Fun Activities You Can Do In The Wilderness

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98When you are appreciating nature, there is no better way to do it than by experiencing it first hand. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go on boring educational trips in the wilderness. Appreciating nature can both be educational and fun. Surprisingly as it may seem, there are actually a lot of different fun activities you can do in the wilderness to fully appreciate nature!


Appreciating nature by setting out on labyrinths of trails in deep forests or wildflower-filled meadows is one great way to have fun and adventure. You can explore the wilderness, while walking along towering peaks and rolling rivers.


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Explore the Romance of Personalized Tours and Round Trips in Vibrant Venezuela

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97You are spellbound at the sight of the diverse landscape of Venezuela, which is a fantastic holiday destination for the people world over. Explore the romance of rain-forests and coastal beaches or spend a magnificent time under the snow-clad peaks of the Andes by availing personalized tours and round trips here in the South American region and enjoy incomparable delight in the vacation. Take a look at the unspoiled nature, magnificent waterfalls, captivating Caribbean beaches, the animal kingdom and many more displays of nature for pleasure and great holiday time. You get individual arrangements made for touring Orionco delta, Pico Humboldt, Canaima and stretching to Roraima to make the Venezuela trip unforgettable. There are travel experts who are capable of organizing all these tours in an effective manner so that you can end the trip either at Isla Margarita or at Los Roques irrespective of the travel condition of moving alone or in groups. It is wise to accept the services of a travel agency having really long experience of nearly twenty years in arranging excursion trips for students or ordinary travelers who want to make a grand holiday in Venezuela.

If you want to know the country, you need to cover the Orinoco delta, Canaima, Merida and Los Roques. Here, you will find breathtaking display of nature such as the Angel Falls in Canaima and the golden beaches of the Caribbean along with real Indians. You will definitely love to spend a night in the family-managed posadas, which are available everywhere in the country. They look after the guest in real sense of guest service, which is a special type of experience. You can also stay in a modern hotel in all these places, but living in posadas offers a correct exposure of the true nature of the country, which is most accepted and admired by the touring folk.

You should always visit national parks and other settings such as Gran sabana in Canaima, the breathtaking landscape of Los Llanos and rain-forests, which are majesty destinations for travelers to the country and are unparalleled spots in travel and tourism. Pico Humboldt is the ideal destination for travelers who consider trekking as a great sport. The country is connected to many other countries internationally through different airlines and you can reach here from Germany in Europe directly by touching Porlamar or Caracas. You can travel inside the country either by bus or through domestic airlines easily to witness some of the world’s greatest attractions.


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Go On A Camping Trip

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96Camping was a necessity in earlier times, travelers, hunters and explorers were often forced to stay one or more outside of a house. These days camping is something we do for fun and for a back to basics feeling. And it is true, there is little change in the way we camp these days in comparison with hundred years ago, we need shelter, food and a warm place to sleep. However, in these modern days, the camping gear is of much better quality then in the old days.

The basic requirements

What you take with you on a camping trip varies from person to person but we all need some general basic equipment. Some persons like to take as little as possible with them and see camping as survival, others need more luxury and take much more camping gear with them. With basic camping gear we mean, a tent, a ground cloth, clothes, food, and gear to prepare the food with, sleeping bag and a first aid kit. You can’t go camping without this basic camping equipment, but it is always possible to take more stuff with you. Because more and more people go camping with a trailer they can take a lot with them.


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