A Trip Into Nature – Jim Corbett National Park

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92Jim Corbett is the oldest and widely known national park of India. It was named after Jim Corbett who was a renounced hunter who played an important part in its establishment in 1936. The park was the first sanctuary that is associated with Project Tiger initiative.

The park offers a variety of activities including tiger safari, resort stays and wildlife exploration. The area has been expanded to an area of more than five hundred square kilometres consisting of swamps, hills, river basins, grasslands and forests. The park has more than 70000 visitors annually. The forest has many exotic varieties of fauna and flora.

Reaching There:

The national park is located in the Uttarakhand state of India and there are several ways with which we can reach there. Being the oldest in the country the park has been a hit amongst the nature lovers and tourists alike.

Air facilities have not been developed as such by the park. The nearest domestic airport to reach the park is located at Phoolbagh in pantnagar which is located some 100 kilometres from it. There are regular flights from major cities to this part of the country.

Railways are perhaps the lifeline of the country. The nearest station to reach the national park is Ramnagar station. Trains operate on regular basis from different parts of the country.

Jim Corbett is well connected by the network of roadways. There are buses as well private taxis which you can use to reach there.

Things to do:

Your visit to Jim Corbett will be full of adventure and learning. You will know about various aspects of forests and natural ecosystems. The park has several entry gates through which you can enter here. The entry fee for foreign tourists is kept at Rs. 400 while for domestic tourist it would cost Rs. 600. Additional costs such as vehicle entry also needs to be paid. It would cost Rs. 750 for buses and Rs. 200 for light vehicles. If you are carrying a camera then you have to submit Rs. 500 as security.

The park offers a variety of activities to perform. Some of them are:

a. Elephant Safari: One of the best things to do at Jim Corbett.

b. Jeep Safari: This is suited for those who want to explore the forest in more detail. Jeep safari takes you to the deeper parts of the forest and you might get a chance to view a tiger.

c. Corbett Museum: Another place of interest that contain the object and belonging of Jim Corbett, the founder of this park.


There are a number of guest houses and lounges in the park to accommodate visitors.

When to visit:

The best time to visit the park is during the months of November to January. You can watch different exotic species to migratory birds when you visit this place during autumn.

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