Fun Activities You Can Do In The Wilderness

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98When you are appreciating nature, there is no better way to do it than by experiencing it first hand. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go on boring educational trips in the wilderness. Appreciating nature can both be educational and fun. Surprisingly as it may seem, there are actually a lot of different fun activities you can do in the wilderness to fully appreciate nature!


Appreciating nature by setting out on labyrinths of trails in deep forests or wildflower-filled meadows is one great way to have fun and adventure. You can explore the wilderness, while walking along towering peaks and rolling rivers.

Hiking is basically another form of walking, accompanied with the particular purpose of enjoying and exploring the scenery. Sometimes, hiking is associated with other outdoor activities. For example, sometimes when you have to reach a rock climbing spot, you would have to take a hike first to the area before you can engage in rock climbing.


Another fun activity you can do in the wilderness to appreciate nature is canoeing. This is the activity of paddling a canoe with the intention of recreation. It can also be a sport to some, or just a mere form of transportation. However, float trips are great, especially if you just want a change of environment.

You can use a canoe to appreciate nature, by sight seeing as you paddle your way around a lake or down a peaceful river. Sight seeing is not the only perk of this activity. You can also have close encounters with wildlife, like ducks or swans, if there are any present in your area.


This ancient perfected sport of Hawaiian people, formerly called “he’e nalu” translated as “wave-sliding”, originated hundreds or thousands of years ago. There is nothing more exciting than appreciating nature by riding the perfect waves. No wonder a lot of people have fallen in love with this wonderful sport!

Whitewater Rafting Or Inflatable & Hard Shell Kayaking

Another exciting way of appreciating nature is through having a whitewater trip consisting of a several days’ period down a wild and picturesque river. This is definitely a memorable adventure in the wilderness. The exhilarating white waters would definitely give you that thrill you are looking for in an adventure.

It doesn’t only provide you the opportunity to see stunning scenery that is not easy to go to by foot, but it also allows you to have a close encounter with wildlife that are normally frightened off when you try to approach them on land. This activity is best done in groups. It can also be a good team building activity, since in the process you and your comrades develop a replenished sense of teamwork and group awareness.

Mountain Biking

Appreciating nature through mountain biking can be both fun and challenging. It is a nice way to explore distant locations adjacent to or surrounding stunning wilderness areas. By mountain biking, you can discover snowcapped peaks and deep-forested valleys. You can choose to ride dirt off-roads, single-track trails, or desert rocks.

These are just some of the different ways of appreciating nature in a fun filled way. Other than these activities themselves, you can also do other pastime activities while on a trip. You can play games, and have storytelling sessions. Definitely, there are lost of fun activities that you can do in the wilderness, all you have to do is be game and up for it!

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