The Best Way to Organize Your Next Camping Trip

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105Anyone that loves the thrill of adventure and enjoys getting away from city life can see why taking a camping trip could be a lot of fun. In addition to the many fun activities you can do while you’re camping, it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy all of nature’s gifts.

The only requirement to having a great time on your next camping trip is that you plan ahead. You need to know exactly where you are going to camp, how long you are going to be there, and the best way to get to your destination. With a little planning, your camping trips can be a treasure chest of great times and memorable moments.

Many people that go camping on a regular basis do it because they enjoy the outdoors and they like to rough it far away from civilization. Some true outdoors lovers don’t even care where they go as long as they get to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. But if you don’t take the time to plan your trip properly, it could end up ruining your fun.


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5 Reasons You Should Book A Trip To Red River This Summer

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104If you like a summer vacation that’s equal parts stunning scenery, physical activity, soul-refreshing relaxation and just plain fun for the entire family, you might want to consider booking a trip to Red River, New Mexico.

Besides the gorgeous weather in Red River, let’s take a look at just a few of the many reasons you’ll be glad you visited this wonderful mountain destination:

One: Memorable hikes and walks.


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Six Great Reasons to Make Your Next Vacation a Camping Trip

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103Do you remember the last time you unplugged and got away from it all? There’s nothing like the feeling of being in touch with nature, but so often today we think we’re too busy to get back to our roots.

Here are five reasons why you should find the time to go camping with your friends and family soon.

1. Going Off the Grid


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3 Attractive Day Trip Destinations From Lake Havasu City

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102Lake Havasu City in Arizona is one of the most desired destinations for people interested in indulging in several activities that give an adrenaline rush. However, if you want to give the usual water sports, hiking and biking a miss, you can plan some day trips to destinations that are nearby, either within the city limits or just a 2-3 hours’ drive away. Blessed with natural beauty abound, these drives are sure to treat you with a scenic feast for your eyes and the soul. Here are some day trip ideas worth exploring:

Hualapai Mountains: The Hualapai Mountain Park is about a 30 minutes’ drive away from Lake Havasu City. With elevations between 1920m and 2516m, the mountain remains evergreen round the year and plays host to some of the lovely flora and fauna like Aspen, Manzanita, Ponderosa Pine, mountain lions, raccoons, bears, squirrels, skunks, javelin, foxes, apart from a varied species of birds like owls, golden eagles and hawks. Day trips to Hualapai Mountains are quite fun-filled, thanks to the inclusion of various activities in the itinerary like hiking, wildlife viewing, picnics, and accessing some of the off-road trails. There are even restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous food varieties while admiring the view of an elk in the outdoor.

Akahav Tribal Preserve: This place is just about 46 miles from the London Bridge. It boasts of a preserve that was created to restore the ecosystem and the native habitat of the Colorado River. The place is spread across more than 200 acres of land and has all types of native plantations such as Willow, Cottonwood, Mesquite trees, and much more. One of the key objectives of this project has been to deepen the backwater in order to aid the flow of the river. If you are a nature-lover, a bird-watcher or a photographer, this is the most ideal choice for a day trip from Lake Havasu City as this place hosts several species like the Great Blue Heron, Vermillion Flycatcher, beavers and many others.


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A Memorable Trip to South India

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101South India consists of five major states Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Telangana. The languages spoken in this part of the country are Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam, also most of the natives are well versed with minimum of 2 languages. The sculptures and architecture of the place speak about its rich culture and traditions. 5 out of 26 World Heritage Sites of India are situated in the southern zone of the country. The traditional silk and cotton sarees, which are worn and adorned all over India are an origin of this region.

The south India tour will take you to the magnificent monuments, exotic beaches edged with palm & coconut trees, wildlife, scenic hill stations and Ayurveda centers. Temples are one of the important attractions which present architectural grandeur and the cultural wealth of India. For the temple tour, a few major cities and states are Kerala, Kanchipuram, Trichy, Mahabalipuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Madurai and more.

The beaches of south India are internationally famous and they attract beach lovers, watersports lovers, honeymoon goers, vacationers and nature lovers all year round. One can spend and enjoy some lavish time with immense happiness.


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